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Shandong Province 5-year clean heating plan
Recently, the General Office of the Shandong Provincial Government issued the "Shandong Province Winter Clean Heating Plan (2018-2022)", clearly using the time of about 5 years to basically build urban heating centralization, rural and town heating diversification, the province's overall goal of heating and cleaning .

According to the Plan, by 2020, the average clean heating rate in Shandong Province will reach over 70%. Among them, cities with a population of 200,000 or more have basically achieved full coverage of clean and warm heating, and the average clean heating rate in rural areas has reached about 55%. By 2022, the province's clean heating rate will reach more than 80%. Among them, the county towns and above have basically achieved full coverage of clean and warm heating, and the average clean heating rate in rural areas has reached about 75%.

Among the specific targets for regional development, seven air pollution control channel cities (Jinan, Zibo, Jining, Dezhou, Liaocheng, Binzhou, Heze) and Jinan, Qingdao, Yantai new and old kinetic energy conversion core areas take the lead in forming natural gas and electric heating and other alternative loose coal The basic pattern of clean heating. By 2020, the built-up areas of nine cities will basically achieve full coverage of clean heating. The clean heating rate of the county and urban-rural junctions will reach about 85%, the clean heating rate in rural areas will reach 60%; the seven transmission channels will basically eliminate 35 tons of steam/ Below the coal-fired boilers in the hour, the urban built-up areas in Qingdao and Yantai will basically phase out coal-fired boilers of less than 35 tons/hour. By 2022, the county and above cities will achieve full coverage of clean heating; the clean heating rate in rural areas will reach 80%.

"Planning" lists gas equipment, power transmission and transformation equipment, heat pump industry, solar collector industry and energy storage industry as the development focus of the development of clean heating industry; in the process of strengthening the supervision of clean heating and heating, focus on strengthening coal-fired units (boilers) Emissions regulation. On the basis of completing the ultra-low emission transformation of coal-fired units of 100,000 kilowatts and above in 2017, we will continue to promote the ultra-low emission transformation of coal-fired units below 100,000 kilowatts, and suspend production and rectification for those that do not have ultra-low emission reform conditions. To improve the supervision of coal-fired heating boilers, all coal-fired heating boilers must meet the corresponding industry pollutant emission limit requirements by the end of 2018.

Economics is one of the key factors that restrict the application of clean heating. In addition to increasing the support for clean heating in rural areas, the Plan will also improve the price support policy. Comprehensive use of peak and valley prices, ladder prices, electricity market trading and other price policies to promote clean heating. Exploring the establishment of a market-based bidding procurement mechanism for clean heating, and the grid companies or independent sales companies will purchase the lowest price of electricity in the market. Encourage qualified areas, and negotiate the determination of regional clean heating prices by the parties to supply and heat in accordance with the principle of marketization. Scientifically formulate regulations on the price of natural gas transmission and distribution gas, and reasonably verify the price of transmission and distribution gas.

The "Planning" also proposes to break the existing development model of centralized heating franchise, and actively introduce new business models such as contract energy management, equipment leasing, energy custody, renting and building in the field of clean heating, and guide the society to participate in the implementation of clean heating projects. Market-oriented construction and operation.

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