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Boiler design engineer
Post duties:
1. Independently complete the design tasks of boiler products (various design, technical design and construction design, etc.);
2. Instruct the designer to make basic drawings, proofread and review various design work;
3. Independently compile technical tenders for boiler products, participate in technical exchanges and technical negotiations of the project;
4. Handling design problems during the manufacturing process and installation process;
5. Complete the temporary tasks assigned by the superior.

Tenure requirements:
1. Bachelor degree or above (experienced can reduce the academic requirements accordingly), boiler design, thermal energy / power engineering, mechanical design / engineering and other related majors; more than five years of boiler design work experience;
2. Strong sense of responsibility, good team spirit, strong communication skills, willing to study, have a certain ability to innovate;
3. Proficient in the application of CAD-aided design software, skilled use of OFFICE office software;
4. Those with strong English proficiency are preferred.

Number of recruits:

2018/09/11 14:09:40


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