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Huixian Shanshui Cement Co., Ltd. 4500t/d cement kiln waste heat power generation project
Huixian Shanshui Cement Co., Ltd. waste heat boiler is divided into AQC kiln head waste heat boiler and centralized superheater ASH integrated design, SP kiln tail waste heat boiler is designed separately. The type of waste heat boiler system adopts semi-open air layout (with rainproof shed and anti-corrosion measures), no supplementary combustion, vertical water-steam natural circulation hot water tube boiler, waste heat boiler adopts single air intake, AQC double pressure + SP double pressure, Vertical, natural circulation waste heat boiler type, single flue layout structure. The boiler structure is reasonable, can adapt to the frequent changes of thermal load, meet the requirements of fast start and stop operation, and is easy to operate, easy to maintain, stable in performance, and can ensure long-term, reliable, efficient and economic operation of the waste heat generator set.

2018/09/20 08:40:15


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