Shanghai Industrial Boiler Co., Ltd./Shanghai industrial boiler (Wuxi) Co., Ltd.
165t/h high temperature and high pressure boiler and its supporting system renovation project of Zhejiang Hengyang Thermal Power Co., Ltd.
Boiler type: natural circulation single steam drum, circulating fluidized bed boiler
Arrangement: semi-open plan
Evaporation: Rated evaporation of 165t/h with 10% overload capacity
Rated steam pressure: 9.8MPa
Rated steam temperature: 540 ° C
Feed water temperature: 215 ° C
Ambient temperature: 35°C
Exhaust gas temperature: <130 ° C (according to ambient temperature 35 ° C assessment)
Boiler design efficiency: 92.5%
Boiler guaranteed efficiency: 92%
NOX emission concentration: ≤100mg/Nm3 (when converted to 6% oxygen)
Fuel: bituminous coal

2018/09/20 08:43:04


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