Shanghai Industrial Boiler Co., Ltd./Shanghai industrial boiler (Wuxi) Co., Ltd.
Delong Steel GG-130/13.7-Q Blast Furnace Gas Boiler
GG-130/13.7-Q type 130 ton / hour high temperature ultra high pressure reheat blast furnace gas boiler is Shanghai Industrial Boiler Co., Ltd. is the general contract project of Jiangsu Jintongling Fluid Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. in Delong Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. 5MW blast furnace gas power generation system Designed and developed by the project, the rated evaporation is 130t/h. The boiler runs stably, the efficiency is better than the design value, the operation is simple and convenient; it has the characteristics of low nitrogen environmental protection, high efficiency and energy saving, and meets the national environmental protection and energy saving requirements. The boiler was designed and produced in May 2016. It was successfully put into operation in Delong Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. in February 2018. In March 2018, China National Special Equipment Inspection and Research Institute and National Boiler and Pressure Vessel Quality Supervision and Inspection Center completed the energy efficiency of the boiler. The relevant report was tested and issued, and the environmental performance test of the boiler was completed by the National Environmental Analysis and Testing Center and a report was issued.

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