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Songzili, Datang Gaojing temporary emergency heat source project mobile heat source unit SZS29-2.5/110/50-Q water pipe D type gas boiler
The 29MW mobile heat source of this project is a modular container arrangement, which can be composed of one or several modular containers. The container should meet the requirements of road transportation.
The 29MW boiler and its auxiliary supporting boiler are made up of two modular containers. Main module setting: boiler body, burner, natural gas valve group, pressure regulator valve group, control cabinet and detection, lighting, burner and blower connecting flue, connecting water pipe, etc. Auxiliary module settings: condensing energy saver, blower and muffler, recirculating flue, connecting flue and chimney, connecting water pipes, etc. The height and length of the two modules are the same, and they are integrated into the scene. The site can be put into operation only after connecting the necessary water supply interface, return water interface, flue interface, gas interface, power distribution interface and control interface.

SZS boiler features:
(1) Adopting international new technology, the combustion chamber has a large volume design. The world famous brand burner is equipped to make the combustion full, the efficiency is high, the failure rate is low, the low nitrogen combustion is realized, and the emission is easy to meet the national standards for gas equipment, which can greatly reduce the pollution to the environment and has good environmental performance.
(2) The furnace membrane wall structure is adopted, that is, the heat transfer area is increased, and the overall free expansion of the furnace after being heated is also satisfied.
(3) It is convenient to check the convection tube bundle by using the furnace hole inspection structure.
(4) The energy saver adopts a threaded finned tube to enhance heat transfer.
(5) Various protection functions such as over-temperature, over-pressure, water shortage, leak detection, flameout, etc. The boiler operation is safe and reliable.
(6) The boiler has high thermal efficiency and uses a condensing energy saver with a thermal efficiency of over 95%.

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