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Power station boiler EPC package
Shanxi Gaoyi Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. 15MW high temperature and extra high pressure gas power generation project
Unit operation mode:
A 190t/h high-temperature ultra-high pressure gas boiler (blast furnace gas mixed with converter gas) +1 15MW high-temperature ultra-high pressure back pressure steam turbine unit, steam turbine back pressure parameters: 3.9MPa (a), ~ 373 °C. The back pressure of the steam turbine is returned to the boiler reheater, and the steam temperature is raised to 450 ° C and sent to the steam blower of the steel mill.
Fuel fuel:
Mixed gas of blast furnace gas and converter gas
Lgnition method:
Liquefied gas ignition
In principle, the boiler operates at base load, but has variable load peaking capability. The boiler has good adaptability to the sliding pressure operation and the constant pressure operation.
The time from ignition to full load of the boiler meets the following requirements under normal starting conditions:
Cold start (stop more than 72h) 6~8 hours
Warm start (stop 10-72h) 3~4 hours
Hot start (within 10 hours of shutdown) 1.5~2 hours
Temperature adjustment method:
The superheated steam is cooled by two-stage water spray; the reheated steam is cooled by a small amount of water spray.
The service life of the boiler is 30 years, and the life of the convective heating surface flushed by the smoke is more than 120,000 hours. The overhaul interval is 5 years.
The project has been put into operation according to the installation, and all the indicators have reached the predetermined requirements.

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