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Fuel gas organic heat carrier boiler
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Organic heat carrier boiler:
The organic heat carrier boiler uses a heat transfer (Daosheng) oil as a heat carrier, uses a circulation pump to force the heat transfer oil to perform liquid phase circulation, and then transfers the heat energy to the DC type special boiler which is then reheated by returning to the heating furnace.

The company's main products:
Boiler type: YYL, YYW, YLL, YLW, YDQ, thermal energy center
Boiler capacity: 0.7-29MW
Boiler form: cylinder type, box type
Boiler fuel: coal, light oil, heavy oil, combustible gas, biomass fuel, electric energy, waste heat flue gas, etc.

Boiler features:
a. The medium can obtain a working temperature of 350 ° C under a low operating pressure, and has the technical characteristics of low pressure and high temperature.
b. It can realize stable heating and precise temperature adjustment. The adjustment accuracy is less than 1 °C, which can provide heating product quality.
c. Closed circuit circulation, heat transfer in liquid phase, low heat loss, remarkable energy saving effect and good environmental protection effect.
d. Configure the tail heat recovery boiler or energy saver to achieve a dual-purpose furnace and provide comprehensive thermal efficiency of the boiler.

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